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He Put a Ring on it!

You just got engaged! Congratulations!! Now what?!

While some brides have an easy time and know exactly what they want for their wedding, some do not. It can be a daunting and scary world.

Where do you begin? How do you pick the right vendor? Who do you invite? When do you get married? What should your budget be?

While a few of these planning questions no one but you and your fiance can answer... like if you should invite that friend from middle school... there are some we can answer for you!

  • Where do you even begin?!

Grab a good pen and a notebook or binder, because this will be your best friend for the length of your engagement. We suggest setting a realistic budget first. Websites like Reddit and The Knot can help with setting budgets. If planning a wedding is your idea of chaos then hire a planner! We can suggest a couple of amazing planners in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth Area like Carrie Martin of Rose Rebellion or Mary Kyle Hendon Wedding and Events.

  • How do you pick the right vendor?

Word of mouth and research! If you decide to work with a wedding and events planner then they can suggest some great photographers, bands, officiants, venues, caterers, and bakeries in the area that will work within your budget. If you're not working with a planner but you already have a venue or band you've chosen then ask! Most vendors have a list of other vendors in other categories they have worked with or know. We also suggest looking at websites like The Knot, Wedding Wire, or even Google to find your perfect vendor match.

  • When to get married?

While we don't know your favorite season, we can give a few tips on what to expect for each time of year. Most venues and vendors have their busiest season in spring and fall, between March - June and September - November. We do have a summer wedding occasionally but it will rarely be in the middle of the day, especially in this Texas heat! We also have weddings that occur during the holidays and again in the winter. Remember if people are travelling in for your big day, airfare will be at its peak during the holidays.

Most venues give discounts during their non-peak season times but some flowers may not always be available without hefty cost.

  • How to find inspiration!

So you have determined a budget and venue... now to decorate! This is our favorite part. We suggest looking at Pinterest or wedding blogs and magazines. Make a Pinterest board, this will make your floral consultation that much easier. You don't need to know the name of every flower, thats our job, but having an idea can help us navigate where it is your vision lays.

Know your budget coming into the consultation. Flowers and decor should be around 8-10% of your total budget. Looking to spend less? We can always offer ideas on how to re-purpose your bouquets and arrangements before or after the ceremony and we offer rentals on some items so it cuts your cost down and you get more blooms for your buck.

Lastly, when you choose to get married will heavily dictate bloom availability. While most flowers come from multiple parts of the world and are available almost year round, some like peonies are season sensitive.

At the end of it all, remember this is YOUR big day! We strive to help you make it seamless so all you have to do is say I do! Let us know if you have any questions on the planning process or are ready to talk flowers.

Cheers and best wishes!

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